Submit a Complaint

If you have a question or problem with your products from an insurance, security, regulated industry business, or producer, services are available to help you.

1) Your first source of assistance is often contacting the company. You can find your company's contact information here.

2) If your company does not satisfy your question or problem, submit a complaint with the Iowa Insurance Division. The Division can enforce laws, provide consumer information, ensure benefits that are due are received by the consumer, and require reasonable investigation of consumer claims for all areas under the authority of the Insurance Commissioner. When your complaint is received by the Insurance Division, you will receive notification by mail.

3) Upon receiving your complaint, it will be evaluated by the Insurance Division. If applicable, an investigation will be conducted on your behalf. The Division can assist in clarifying questions under its authority or verify an insurance carrier's decision is consistent with your policy language. This process will take some time due to the necessity of contacting and communicating with companies and individuals outside of the Insurance Division (the investigation could last up to eight weeks). If during that time you have questions about the progress of your investigation, contact the toll free number 1-877-955-1212.

4) Upon the conclusion of your investigation, you will be contacted with the results in writing.

5) If concerns or questions remain upon the closing of your investigation, you may contact the Consumer Advocate at the toll free number.

File an Insurance Complaint
Consumers are able to receive assistance with issues they are having with their insurance companies or insurance agents. To submit complaints to the Iowa Insurance Division for investigation please use the link above.

File Securities /Regulated Industries Complaint
Iowa consumers needing assistance with Securities or a Regulated Industries complaint may submit an online complaint with the link above.

Unfortunately there are some services that neither the Iowa Insurance Division nor the Consumer Advocate provides:

Legal advice, interfere with a lawsuit, or recommend an attorney
Recommend a company
Determine eligibility for worker's compensation benefits (for this service call 1-800-562-4692)
Make a medical determination
Make determinations of fact that would have to be decided by a judge (questions of fact). Examples included determining the value of property or who is at fault in an accident.