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Do your homework on the company.
Policies may represent a large investment or safety and security tool for your future, so be sure the company you purchase a policy from is a company in which you want to do business with. Check their history and financial condition.

Read your policy!
Some policies have become much shorter and will not take long to review. An annual review is best for remaining familiar with your policy. Also, the notices you receive from your insurance company in the mail on existing policies are important too. These may be notification of a change in benefits or rates.

Know and understand your deductable!
Most policies have a deductable (or elimination period) in which your policy does not have to pay any benefit claims. It's key to know how much money you will be expected to pay upfront before your policy will kick in to assist you with your claims.

Make sure your policies reflect your needs.
Insurance products are all designed for use during a future event. Evaluate your needs and goals for your future. Be sure your policy will meet all those needs. If your policy doesn’t, check and see if there is a more suitable policy for you. Ask your agent!

Ask questions!
There is no such thing as a stupid question, so go ahead and ask your agent or call the Insurance Division for clarification at 1-877-955-1212 (we are always happy to help and explain).

Keep EVERYTHING and anything related to your policies.
Extra information may assist you later in finding resolution to a question or problem about your policy.

Consider keeping a copy of your policies outside your home.
This would provide extra protection for you if your home should suffer severe damage, causing your documents to be lost. If you should be faced with an unfortunate accident or natural disaster, a copy of your policies will still be available to you.

Make sure your trusted love ones know you have a policy and where it is kept.
You may not be the person that will have to execute or implement your policy. Be sure those you trust to help take care of your affairs know you own a policy and where to find it in case you are unable to tell them when the policy is actually needed.

Company Look-Up

Find out if a company is permitted to do business in Iowa. Company look up will provide the address and customer service number for consumers to all Iowa companies.

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