Credit Scoring

Opportunity for Public Comment

As part of the effort to understand Iowans' opinions and how they have been affected by the use of credit in insurance, the Consumer Advocate encouraged consumers to participate in the three public hearings on the subject in 2009.

Minutes and presentation materials from these hearings.

St. Ambrose University Study On The Use Of Credit History In Insurance

At the request of the Iowa Insurance Division, St. Ambrose has completed a study on using an individual's credit in determining insurance prices. St. Ambrose conducted a qualitative academic study that is independent of interested parties on the subject (including the Iowa Insurance Division, consumer advocacy groups, and the insurance industry). The Study contains a survey of Iowans and analysis of the findings provided in the survey. Consumers and interested parties are welcome to review the report.

Read the November 25, 2009 press release.

Additional Information on Use of Credit Scores in Insurance

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