Property (Homeowners) Insurance & Auto Insurance

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The calculations used to determine insurance rates are available for public review at the Iowa Insurance Division.

Full coverage generally includes protection from theft, physical damage, and liabilities to other drivers*. Full coverage does not include rentals or towing. These are all extra types of coverage that may be added if available.

Homeowner's insurance does not cover flood damage. Ground or surface water is also not covered and cannot be added to a homeowner's policy. A separate flood insurance policy must be purchased for those types of coverage. Ask your agent or see

The back-up of sewer or drains is not automatically available on homeowner policies. This extra coverage might be available. Ask your agent for more details on what is available with your policy.

Under insured / uninsured coverage will only protect the people in the vehicle and not the vehicle itself.

Photos, video recordings, and receipts all assist consumers when filing property claims? These tools aid in establishing what property was owned by the consumer and the property’s value.

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*Source: Dictionary of Insurance Terms, Fourth Edition. 2000.
Please note that the pricing guides are just general examples. The price of your insurance will depend on your specific factors.