Consumer Alerts

Top Ten Investor Traps

Iowa's Securities Regulator is warning Iowan's to beware of predatory sales tactics. With the recent losses in the market consumers are seeking to rebuild savings. Often these investment traps may have inadequate disclosures or come from unsolicited advice. Specific types you should be cautious of are listed below.

Cobra Subsidies Available through Federal Stimulus Package:

As part of the federal stimulus program, Cobra subsidies may be available for consumers who were involuntarily dismissed from employment. The program will run through the end of 2009. For more details contact your employer and see the additional information below.

2009 Updates to Continuation of Dependent Child Coverage:

The 2008 Health Care Reform bill was expanded as of July 1, 2009. The changes include provisions for the reenrollment of adult children in previously existing coverage (upon meeting one of the requirements). A retroactive state tax protection has also been added for amount of the value of the provided coverage of a non-qualified tax dependant (as provided by the IRS). See the additional information below for more details on continuation of dependent child coverage.